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About the South Coast of Kenya

South of Mombasa, across Likoni Creek, lies a magnificent sweep of silver sand, sapphire sea and waving palms. The southerly part of Kenya’s stunning Indian Ocean coastline, which runs 700 km between the Tanzanian and Somali borders, it is renowned for its silken white sandy beaches, coconut palms, sheltered lagoons, pellucid blue waters, remote islands, uncharted mangrove swamps and mysterious Arab and Swahili ruins, many of which date back to the 8th Century AD.

Boasting an idyllic climate, which is cooled by the monsoon, the Swahili coast offers a daily average of 8 hours of sunshine, and the hot steamy climate is tempered by the monsoon winds: the south-easterly Kaskazi, which blows from April to October; and the north-easterly Kazi which blows from November to March.

Beaches extend from Mombasa to the Tanzanian border – but the best known is Diani Beach (25 kms south of Mombasa), which offers just about everything the visitor could wish for: restaurants, shops, golf course and night spots and the Kaya Kinondo, a cultural centre built around a sacred Kaya (grove) of the Digo people. The activities on offer include swimming, snorkelling, sea kayaking, diving, water sports, dhow trips, glass-bottom boat trips, nature trails, butterfly farms, places of historic interest, visits to the nearby Shimba Hills (a coastal national park with plentiful elephant) or to the world-famous Arabuko Sokoke Forest, one of the last of the rainforests.