The Kenyan Southern Coast Islands

Wasini, Chale & Funzi

Coral Spirit is an end to end tourism company, offering the best of Kenya's south coast islands. From cruises along Wasini Island and Kisite Mupunguti marine park, snorkeling, Kite surfing and scuba diving in Diani to fine dining in our sea food restaurant.

At Coral spirit we practice responsible tourism while allowing our guests to explore the beauty of Wasini, Chale and Funzi islands. Our boat team is from the different islands and our restaurant chefs are Kenyans whose expertise is in swahili dishes as well as international cuisine.

what others are saying!
This trip was really great. We loved Wasini Island, were fascinated by the slave caverns, enjoyed the food, but really really loved the boat trip and snorkeling.  The coral reef is fabulous, with many colors, fish and we even swam with a sea turtle.
A truly wonderful day out. Great value for money. Fresh crab for lunch, and news that there will soon be a new cocktail bar to help you unwind after the trip. A must visit for everyone who wants this kind of experience.
Co Voyy
This must be the best crew in the region!!!! Everything was perfect. Got to see the dolphins and the crew was very knowledgeable and professional.
Vicky B